Farrah Abraham Is Getting Hate for Sophia’s Platform Shoes

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Oh, Farrah. When will she learn?

Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham has been pretty up-front over the years about her disregard for controversy. The star has clearly adopted an “all press is good press” attitude and essentially decided to live life, saying back off to the haters. That’s great (whether you like her or not); there is something admirable about her decision to live her life exactly how she wants without caring what others think. It becomes less great when her child is involved.

Despite the fact that Farrah doesn’t care what people are saying about her, maybe she should care a little bit more about the things that people are saying about her seven-year-old daughter, Sophia. Another thing she should definitely care more about? How her “screw the haters” attitude seems to be affecting Sophia’s health.

Farrah and Sophia Platform Shoes Featured

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Should we be worried about Sophia?