Farrah Admits the Messed up Reason She’ll Never Reconcile With Amber

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Bad Blood!

If you’ve been keeping up with Teen Mom through the years, you know that the girls have had their fair share of fighting, hatred, and drama. But that doesn’t mean that every time they butt heads, they can’t get past it. In fact, you’d be surprised how many times they’ve managed to put their differences aside and patched things up.

That said, there are bound to be some serious feuds that no amount of forgiveness can end.

Everyone in the fanbase knows that Farrah and Amber have one of the longest lasting feuds in Teen Mom history, which was why it was so surprising when Amber admitted that she would be open to forgiving Farrah. Unfortunately, Farrah isn’t so willing to forgive and forget, and here’s why.

farrah on red carpet with butt showing

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