Farrah Accused of Animal Abuse (Again)

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Fans are upset with her behavior!

To say that Farrah Abraham is the Teen Mom fan favorite would be a huge leap. In fact, she tends to be the cast member that viewers most often love to hate. Farrah has managed to work her controversial persona to her benefit, turning out roles in adult films and other MTV shows as well as launching numerous brick and mortar businesses.

Not many people agree with the fact that Farrah balances her motherhood with her adult entertainment businesses, but at the end of the day, that’s her choice. Even her haters can agree that it’s her business how she lives her life. That said, there is a limit to fan’s tolerance. Now, that it seems her choices might be affecting innocent lives, it’s harder to defend the star.

During a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, one fan noticed something disturbing about the way Farrah was treating her animals. The behavior is definitely controversial, but some people are even accusing her of animal abuse… again!

farrah abraham and sophia

Source: Instagram @farrah__abraham