Farrah Abraham to Return to ‘Teen Mom OG’ After Firing Scandal!

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Guess who's back!

Teen Mom has been running for nearly a decade now, gaining viewership and success as time goes on. But recently there has been a major shakeup: for the first time in its history, the show lost a primary cast member.

After a battle over her career in the adult entertainment industries as well as her treatment of production staff and crew, Farrah Abraham was fired by MTV. The Teen Mom OG cast dropped from four girls to three as Farrah pulled out in the middle of the season.

Reactions to this decision have been mixed — Farrah isn’t exactly the most popular mom, but many enjoy seeing the drama that she brings to the show. Some even began to worry that Teen Mom ratings would plummet after Farrah was gone, leading the show to be cancelled!

Now things are being turned on their head again: Farrah is reuniting with the world of Teen Mom. Are we about to see yet another major change in the show?

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