Mommy-of-Two?! Farrah Abraham Shares Pregnancy Update

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She's got a new "little companion"

Farrah Abraham is unique amid the Teen Mom cast in many, many ways. Unlike her counterparts, who opted for books, clothing lines, and make up lines, Farrah started selling her own adult toy products. Besides the colorful career she built from her fame, the fact that she’s the only mom to have one child sets her apart from her costars. She and Amber Portwood had that in common until Amber announced she was pregnant for her second baby daddy, Andrew Glennon. This pregnancy left Farrah as the only mother-of-one in the entire Teen Mom franchise… until now?

Farrah shocked fans last week when she hinted that she had an unexpected pregnancy scare due to her birth control. Although she didn’t give many details, she hinted that she may have gotten pregnant and was considering having an abortion. Now, she’s explaining what’s going on and whether she’ll soon be a mommy-of-two like many of her co-stars.

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Credit: WE tv