Jenelle’s New Video Has Fans Thinking She and David Are High!

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Is she really high again?

There are some pieces of Jenelle Evans past that she’d probably prefer to forget. Unfortunately for her, almost half of her life has been caught on camera and publicized for everyone to see ― there is quite literally no way to hide her past indiscretions. That means that her more embarrassing and dark secrets are out even if she wishes she could move on from them and never look back.

Right now, Jenelle’s life is drastically different from how it used to be, but it’s hard for many people to let go of her past. It’s common knowledge that Jenelle has had a history with substance abuse and even had a full-blown heroin addiction. That often colors the way that people look at Jenelle and constantly has people wondering whether she’s relapsed when her behavior starts to skew towards erratic.

Does this video show that a relapse is exactly what happened now? Many think that this clip of her and David shows obvious signs of some kind of substance use.

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Source: MTV