Is Jenelle Harming Her Daughter Ensley? Fans Seem to Think So!

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Did Jenelle mess up?

Motherhood is tricky for anyone to get the hang of — especially when you start at an early age. Every parent is bound to have a few mistakes as they continue to learn what’s best for their children. It’s totally expected. Then again, all know that “expected” is a word that does not fit into the Teen Mom fan vocabulary.

From getting pregnant at a young age to living their lives in the public eye from that point on, theirs is not a particularly normal or expected lifestyle. That means that all of these forgivable mistakes are often put under extra scrutiny… and that seems to be even more true for Jenelle Evans.

So did this Instagram update warrant as much of a reaction as it got? Well, some fans think that Jenelle seriously messed up when she allowed Ensley to do this, and even put her life at risk.

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Source: Instagram @j_evans1219