Daddy Who?! Fans Think Javi Could Be Lux’s Father!

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Javi or Chris?

Many pregnancies — especially unexpected pregnancies — mean doing some math. The pregnant woman and/or many of her friends might find themselves counting backwards nine months from their due date and asking, “Exactly who was I with at the time?” After all, it’s important for any new mother to know who the father of their child is!

For some, it’s pretty clear cut. For those in committed relationships or serial monogamists, there’s likely only one man who could be the father. But for people who are more into short term relationships, it can be a little trickier to pin down who the dad could be.

Then newly-single, Kailyn Lowry was remarkably tight lipped about the identity of her third baby daddy after her pregnancy was first revealed. In fact, she went for as long as she could without even revealing that she was pregnant! She soon revealed that her on-and-off partner Chris Lopez was the father of her child, and since then, Chris has played a role in his son’s life. Easy, right?

Now, fans aren’t exactly sure how clear cut it all is. Many have started to analyze the timeline of Kailyn’s relationships and come to a startling realization: there’s a very real possibility that Lux could be Javi’s son. Is it possible that Kailyn has been keeping her baby daddy’s true identity a secret for this long?

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Source: Instagram @chris3zero2