Fans Disturbed After Sophia Posts Creepy Valentine’s Day Video

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Fans are not having it!

Being a celebrity from a young age often results in child stars growing up very quickly. It’s hard to cling on to childhood when you’ve got cameras following you around all the time, must make economic decisions, and defend yourself against online haters. We’ve seen all of the Teen Mom cast grow up extremely quickly after having children as teens, but now that their own children are getting older, the spotlight seems to be affecting them as well. Some of the cast members make an effort to keep their children humbled and sheltered from the sometimes difficult world of stardom. Farrah Abraham is not one of them.

Sophia already has her own Twitter and Instagram accounts, and has walked in runways just like her mother. Farrah has even encouraged her modeling career! Now, after this recent bizarre and adult video that was posted to Sophia’s Instagram, fans are worried that she’s growing up way too quickly.

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Source: Instagram @sophialabraham