Going Too Far? Fans GO OFF on Jenelle After Posting This Mountaintop Picture of Ensley

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Was Ensley in danger?

Jenelle Evans’ children have all had somewhat rocky upbringings. From Jace being essentially fatherless and fought over between Jenelle and Barbara to Kaiser being the subject of screaming matches between Jenelle and Nathan, it’s been a wild ride for both of them.

Jenelle’s third child Ensley should have a much easier time, considering that her parents are together and seem to be happily married. David and Jenelle tied the knot when Ensley was about half a year old, and so far, Jenelle hasn’t had to fight anyone for custody of her little girl. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean she’s not going to make some other mistakes in her parenting.

Sadly for Jenelle, every parenting choice she makes is put under scrutiny by her millions of fans, and not all of them are going to be supportive. However, were fans right to call her out for this precarious picture of her daughter?

Sometimes fans critique Jenelle for her personal decisions, but now many seem genuinely worried about Ensley’s safety.

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Source: MTV