Drugs, Weapons, and Jail: A Tale of Jenelle’s Wild Wedding Day

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It was a CRAZY night!

Right now, Jenelle Evans has more drama in her life than we can keep up with. She’s had feuds with her co-stars and baby daddies in the past, but now she’s feuding with the big one: MTV itself. Jenelle has threatened to quit the show after a recent episode — in which the the editing made her look bad — aired.

Then again, new claims from a wedding attendee on Instagram makes it pretty clear that Jenelle doesn’t need any editing to make her life dramatic. According to this wedding guest, her big day was enough drama to get her through the year — from drugs, to guns, to imprisonment, it was certainly a one-of-a-kind walk down the aisle!

jenelle wedding party

Source: Instagram @J_evans1219