What’s the Truth? Mackenzie Standifer’s Story About Ryan’s Addiction Just Doesn’t Add Up!

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There's something off here!

It’s incredibly easy for stories and situations to get muddled when they appear on Teen Mom. They are often retold numerous times from many different perspectives, and it’s no surprise that this could easily confuse anyone who didn’t experience an incident firsthand. But could that account for all of the holes in Mackenzie Standifer’s account of Ryan’s addiction?

Whether or not Mackenzie would like to admit it, Maci and Ryan’s relationship is incredibly important to making sure that Bentley has two caring parents in his life. It’s reasonable for Maci to take an interest in Ryan’s addiction and recovery so that she can ensure that her son has a relationship with his father. It’s also understandable that Mackenzie might feel uncomfortable with another woman being so involved in Ryan’s experience… but that doesn’t justify her rewriting the entire timeline.

It’s normal for stories to change numerous times throughout Teen Mom, but fans have begun to notice some serious gaps in Mackenzie’s story. Just how much of her experience with Ryan’s addiction is real, and how much did she make up?

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