Shotgun Wedding! Did Javi Marroquin Secretly Marry His Baby Mama Lauren Comeau?

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Talk about moving fast!

It’s true that the Teen Mom cast members all move lightning fast when it comes to relationships, but some cast members move even more quickly than others. In the almost ten years that the franchise has been on air, we’ve seen too many marriages, divorces, and unexpected pregnancies to count. But Javi Marroquin’s unexpected pregnancy could be the least surprising so far.

From the very beginning, Javi has been vocal about wanting a big family and starting what he calls an “empire.” When his dreams (and his marriage) fell apart, he didn’t waste any time moving on to his next relationship. In fact, for some time, fans believed that Briana would soon become his second wife and baby mama.

But it turns out that Javi is re-starting his family dreams with someone else. After announcing that his on-and-off girlfriend Lauren Comeau is pregnant with his child, now it appears that he could be locking it down with a ring.

Keep reading to watch a clip of Javi discuss his proposal!

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Source: Instagram @javim9