Too Cute! Did Pregnant Chelsea Houska Just Reveal Her Daughter’s Name?

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We love it!

There’s nothing more exciting than announcing a pregnancy… especially when it was planned. Even though pregnancy announcements have shaken up the Teen Mom cast from the very beginning, these days, the cast members are in much more stable points of their lives. That means when they find out they’re pregnant, it tends to be a moment of celebration and happiness instead of anxiety and worry.

Now that many of the Teen Mom cast members are married, we’re seeing more Teen Mom babies than ever. In fact, the majority of the cast members have a child under two years old right now! Lucky for us, the Teen Mom family is continuing to grow, and Chelsea Houska was the most recent star to announce that she’s having another baby.

But Chelsea wasn’t going to spill all of the details that easy. She’s been very open with fans about her pregnancy from the beginning, but there are some things she’s keeping private… like the name that she’s chosen for her child!

She’s revealed that although she and Cole have a name picked out, they’ve decided to keep it under wraps until her baby is born. But did she change her mind — or just accidentally let slip the name she picked out? Fans are convinced that Chelsea has just revealed the name of her baby!

Be sure to keep reading for a deleted scene where Chelsea gets very candid about her co-stars!

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Source: Instagram @Chelseahouska