Chelsea Houska Reveals Her Secret to Her Amazing Post-Baby Weight Loss

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When your entire claim to fame revolves around you being pregnant and having children, it can be very exciting for people like Chelsea Houska. From the very beginning, Chelsea has been vocally passionate about having a big family and a so-called “happily ever after” with her husband. In fact, right after she gave birth to her second child Watson, Chelsea and Cole were already discussing having another baby. While pregnancy rumors always circulate all of the Teen Mom cast, it’s a very safe bet that Chelsea will be announcing another pregnancy sometime soon, since she’s made it clear she wants one!

All of those pregnancies come with some side effects though, and many people find said side effects growing around their waists! We all know that pregnancy comes with weight gain, but from Chelsea’s rocking slimmed-down bod, you would never know she had any children, let alone two!

It’s left many of her fans wondering: What’s her secret? Now, Chelsea is explaining exactly how she snapped back after giving birth to Watson. Judging from her tight waistline, it worked!

chelsea now and then

chelsea now and then