Two Timing? Was Amber Dating Matt and Andrew at the Same Time?!

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What's the truth?!

Most Teen Mom fans get their news about the cast members from more than just the show. Often times, following different news outlets or even keeping up with the cast on social media is enough to give a good preview of what’s going to happen in the next season. However, for those who only follow the episodes themselves, seeing Amber Portwood’s timeline on Teen Mom OG might be a little confusing.

Up until nearly the end of the last season of OG, Amber Portwood was engaged to the notorious Matt Baier. Although she vocalized her doubts about their relationship, they continued to plan a wedding, and it seemed they’d be walking down the aisle soon. Imagine viewers’ surprise when only a season later, she’s in a relationship with someone completely new, and is expecting his child!

Even for Amber’s biggest fans, this was bound to raise some questions, some of which aren’t very pretty. The timeline of Amber’s pregnancy has now been called into question, especially since she has yet to share her due date. However, as time goes on and fans get more curious, one question seems to be in the back of many people’s minds: could Amber have been dating Andrew while she was still technically with Matt?

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Credit: MTV