David Eason Almost Killed Jace and Barbara?!

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He put them in harm's way!

For anyone keeping track on Jenelle and Barbara’s relationship, you probably know that things are heating up between the mother and daughter drama-duo. Amidst accusations of drug use, abuse, and neglect, these two are putting all of their accusations out for the public, and neither of them will come out of it clean.

After the first round of allegations began, it seems that these two are pulling out all the stops, airing all of their dirty laundry, old and new. Now, Barbara is going after Jenelle’s fiancé David, whom she’s always openly criticized. This recent accusation blows all of the other ones out of the water. Barbara is claiming that David’s actions may have put her and her grandson Jace’s lives at risk.

david eason

Source: Instagram @easondavid88