Chris Lopez Opens up About Missing Lux While Banned From Seeing Him!

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To say that Kailyn Lowry’s relationship with her baby daddy Chris Lopez is “complicated” might just be the understatement of the century. For a while, Kailyn wouldn’t even reveal the identity of her third baby daddy! Once she revealed that her third child’s dad is Chris, it became clear that she wasn’t in a relationship with him at all. For most of Kail’s pregnancy, no one was sure if Chris would even be present when their son was born.

However, since Lux’s birth, Chris has been more involved in Lux’s life than most people expected. He and Kailyn have both posted pictures of Chris being a father figure to his son.

At first, things looked to be going well, but then, Kailyn decided to ban Chris from even seeing Lux. Now, the usually quiet Chris Lopez has opened up about missing his son.

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Source: Snapchat @Chris Lopez