“I Just Want My Son!” Chris Lopez Clears up Custody Rumors

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Mixed Messages!

Considering that Chris Lopez was nowhere to be seen during Kailyn Lowry’s pregnancy, it’s pretty surprising that he wants anything to do with his newborn son. Apparently, Baby Lo’s incredible cuteness was enough to win his father over though; Chris has begun to play a bigger role in his son’s life than any of Kailyn’s fans expected him to. Still, it’s shocking to learn that, even though Chris was MIA during Kail’s pregnancy, he may not only want to spend time with his son, but may be willing to battle Kailyn for custody of their child!

Kailyn and Chris’s relationship is pretty confusing lately, and, for the most part, all that we have to go on for insight is their interaction on social media. Lately, it’s been more confusing than ever. But luckily, Chris recently took the time to clear up what’s been going on between the two.

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Source: Instagram @kaillowry