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Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Refuses to Operate on ‘Teen Mom’ Star!

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The doctor is IN!

Dr. Michael Salzhaur, better known as Dr. Miami, is a plastic surgeon who prides himself on his ability to make people feel better about their bodies. You might describe him as a “social media madman,” as it’s pretty clear that Dr. Miami loves attention. Strangely enough, he puts a lot of the surgeries he does on his social media accounts for the world to see, and they can get pretty graphic.

In case you’re not following him on social media, Dr. Miami has a new show on WEtv simply titled Dr. Miami. What makes him fit to have his own TV show you might ask? He’s got a lot of social media followers, duh.

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Source: Facebook @therealdrmiami

Who won't he operate on? And WHY?