Catelynn Posts Heartbreaking Photo After a Woman Is Shot in Front of Kids

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It hit them hard

It’s true that the Teen Mom world revolves around drama, fighting, hookups and breakups, but at its core, it’s about parenthood. While they figure out all of their personal drama, the cast members must also make sure they’re making all of the right choices for their children.

Any dedicated parent can tell you that one of the essential parts of parenthood is the need to protect a child, especially while they’re still young. Although Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra chose adoption for their first daughter, Carly, they recently became new parents to their daughter Novalee. And now, their sense of protection over Nova has been put to a serious test.

After a horrible tragedy in their area, Catelynn opened up with this heartbreaking update about Nova.

catelyn lowell and tyler baltierra crying

Credit: MTV