Catelynn Horses Around Throwing Shade at Farrah ?

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Farrah's name is back on the tongues of other 'Teen Moms' this time you won't guess whose

Farrah always seems to be in the mouths and minds of her critics and her fans. If she’s not making someone angry she’s wowing us with her adventures and moves to be a mom boss for her daughter Sophia.

And while we applaud her for taking care of her responsibilities and making sure she grants her mini’s every wish , it seems there is one ‘Teen Mom’ that doesn’t think Farrah makes all the right moves. We weren’t expecting the newest shade thrown from her co-star Catelynn Lowell.

Lowell took to her own Instagram recently to announce a new hobby and perhaps a new purchase. While revealing her news it seems she takes some underhanded shots at Abraham in the process. What is Lowell’s biggest beef with Farrah’s parenting?

Credit: MTV

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