Catelynn Responds to Fake Pregnancy Announcement Backlash, “Quit F*cking With Me!”

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"Eff the haters!"

Catelynn and Tylie Baltierra are left feeling the heat after receiving backlash over their fake pregnancy announcement. Catelynn posted a picture of a sonogram to her Instagram account and everyone congratulated her! Turns out, she wasn’t pregnant at all. So, why did she do it? What is the point in lying about a pregnancy? Was Catelynn just trying to get attention? We have so many questions!

If you’re right there with us, then you’re in luck. Catelynn recently sat down to reveal why she did what she did. It turns out it was her attempt to say “eff the haters.” However, after the fake announcement, it seems she have more haters than after. Keep reading to find out why Catelynn decided to make a fake pregnancy announcement!

Source: Instagram @catelynnmtv

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