Catelynn Lowell Slams Her Co-Stars for Having Multiple Baby Daddies

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Throwing Shade!

When it comes to Teen Mom drama, there are some standouts who seem to have new feuds and fights every week. Then there are others, like Catelynn Lowell, who tends to stay away from the drama, opting for a quieter life out of the headlines (at least as far as feuds are concerned). Thanks to her tendency to keep out of it all, it’s that much more interesting when she Cate does speak her mind… and this is a great example!

Although she generally keeps to herself, she’s recently taken some shots at the lifestyles of some of co-stars, calling them out for how many baby daddies some of them have. A recent tweet has fans concerned — or excited — for what might be the beginning of yet another in-cast feud, this time with Catelynn leading the charge.


Credit: MTV