Catelynn Lowell Leaving Mental Health Treatment Early!

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She's out!

For fans who have been following Teen Mom from the very beginning, it’s easy to see how much Catelynn Lowell has been through. From a young age, she was forced to make decisions that would have effects on the rest of her life. She and Tyler had to make the difficult choice whether to raise a child for which they might not be able to provide, or opt for adoption. Since then, Catelynn has faced postpartum depression, anxiety problems, and even marijuana dependency. In recent seasons, Catelynn even revealed that her upbringing was traumatic and verbally abusive.

Now, Catelynn has decided to address her problems head on. She recently shared hearbreaking news with fans, revealing that she was suffering from suicidal thoughts and needed help coping. That’s when she checked into a treatment center to help her through her difficult time.

However, mere weeks after Catelynn checked into treatment, she’s sharing another update with fans: she’s leaving treatment early! Fans are sending her love and support, but many are concerned about Catelynn taking adequate time to heal.

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