Divorced in Secret? Catelynn Lowell Publicly Drops “Baltierra” From Her Name!

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Is it over?!

Over the years that Teen Mom has been on the air, if there’s one thing that fans have learned, it’s that there are two sides to every story. No matter how things appear during the episodes, it’s impossible to really know what’s going on behind the scenes. Time and again, the cast members have presented seemingly picture-perfect sides of their lives, only to later reveal that everything was crumbling around them. By now, Teen Mom fans know to expect some plot twists along the way.

The past season of Teen Mom OG was anything but picture perfect for Catelynn Lowell and her husband Tyler Baltierra. The two had to lean on one another to stay strong as they coped with loss after Catelynn’s devastating miscarriage. Tyler expressed frustration when Catelynn left him and Nova on multiple occasions to get treatment from a rehab center, and it was clear that there was tension in their family. But they still insisted that their relationship was staying sturdy despite the hardships.

Now it seems this may no longer be the case. After clear strains on their relationship as well as rumors of cheating and mental anguish, Catelynn Lowell has just revealed a massive bombshell about the state of their relationship. It seems that we may soon witness a split between the longest-lasting relationship that Teen Mom has ever seen.


Credit: MTV