On the Streets! ‘Teen Mom’ Star in Danger of Losing Their Home from Massive Debt?!

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It's not looking good!

When MTV first began filming the Teen Mom stars, it set out to paint an authentic picture of the struggles of being a teenage mother, even if they weren’t always pretty. The cast members struggled with balancing parenting, school, and relationships while they were still just teenagers. Even though their lives were being broadcast to millions of people, they were fighting many of the same problems as their viewers.

Now, that’s not so much the case. The Teen Mom cast members have a whole new set of problems since their fame has skyrocketed over the past decade. Now instead of trying to pinch pennies to afford diapers, they’re fighting over baby daddy drama or complaining about media attention!

It seems that for most of the cast, worrying about money is a thing of the past. As their fame increased, so did their paychecks, and now many of the cast members make as much as six figures for their work on the show. That’s why it’s so shocking when one of the cast members goes totally broke.

Things aren’t looking good for one Teen Mom 2 cast member. They’re so broke that they’re at risk of becoming homeless!

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Credit: MTV