“I Want to Die!”: Inside Adam Lind’s Suicidal Thoughts

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He broke down

Even though the most personal aspects of the Teen Mom cast members’ lives are broadcast for all of the public to see, we know they still have secrets. If following the cast for as long as most fans have has taught us anything, it’s that sometimes people have more going on in their lives than makes it on screen. Even the cast members that everyone loves to hate can have heartbreaking secrets that they keep out of the public eye.

Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind have had their fair share of problems. Chelsea has been open about her frustrations with the way that Adam’s drug use affects his relationship with their daughter, making him sleep through or even miss many of their visits. Even though it’s easy to hate Adam for this far-from-perfect fathering style, it’s easy to overlook the root of the problem. Namely, the fact that Adam is an addict.

Drug addiction is often accompanied by high peaks and extreme lows, and depression is common for those who are afflicted. Now, one of the difficult experiences Adam had is coming to light in a restraining order filed by his ex girlfriend — and his suicidal tendencies are all being aired out for public consumption.

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