Briana Reveals the First Shot of Her Body Post-Surgery!

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She's got a whole new look!

“Treat yo’ self” means something different to everyone. For Briana DeJesus, it seems to mean something very specific. For the second time, the mom-of-two has treated herself by going under the knife with the infamous Dr. Miami, a plastic surgeon who airs all of his procedures on Snapchat. This time, Briana has changed her post-maternity body with a tummy tuck, boob job, and a brand new butt lift. It seems like the Teen Mom cameras are in for a whole new Briana.

Invasive surgery like this requires a lengthy recovery and a patient healing process though. Now, after a week of waiting, Briana has finally revealed what her body looks like post-procedure.

briana dejesus 1

Source: Instagram @_brianadejesus