Explosive Fight Erupts at TM Baby Shower After Uninvited Guests Arrive

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It's not pretty!

When Briana DeJesus was confirmed as the newest member of the Teen Mom cast, she was already very pregnant with her second daughter, Stella Star. There was a great deal of controversy surrounding her pregnancy, especially since it seemed that Stella was conceived as a result of a one night stand… But fans were relieved to see that her baby daddy, Luis, seemed to be an allaround good guy. Even though the two weren’t a couple for very long, they seemed to have open communication, and it looked like they would be able to co-parent in a healthy way.

It wasn’t long before that was proven wrong though.

The more fans learned about Luis, the worse it got — especially because it was soon revealed that he had been cheating on Briana throughout the length of her pregnancy. In this light, it was hard to see Luis as a good guy, and as we continue to learn more about him as episodes continue to air, it’s looking even worse. In a recent episode, it’s revealed that Luis stirred up all kinds of drama at Stella Star’s baby shower, which led to Briana hitting him with some… choice words.

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