Briana Deletes Twitter After Being DRAGGED by ‘Hollywood’ Celebrity

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That escalated quickly!

With social media playing such a huge role in many people’s lives today, it’s no wonder that it’s taken a huge part in the goings on of Teen Mom. In fact, now it seems that half of the Teen Mom drama takes place on the show, and another half takes place over social media! Many times, the girls feud with one another on social media so much that they find true rivals in each other, but their co-stars are not the only ones they’re fighting with.

The girls hold their own against many fans and viewers who target them on social media, but now Briana is facing off with someone in a whole new league. This Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star went on a lengthy rant against Briana, and it must have hit home. Briana was so upset, apparently, that she deleted her Twitter over it!

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Credit: WE tv