Are Amber and Matt Getting Back Together?!

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Could it be?!

Even the most controversial members of the Teen Mom cast have their fans. For example, some people dislike Farrah, but many still sing her praises. Jenelle’s mother Barbara faces a huge amount of criticism, but many also speak out in her defense. Then again, there’s one person in particular that is pretty unanimously agreed upon as a super villain both by the cast and the fans: Amber Portwood’s ex, Matt Baier.

Those who hate Matt were probably relieved when Amber finally called it quits with her long-term, live-in boyfriend. Finally, the end of Matt’s long reign of terror was over! If there was any doubt that Matt was out of Amber’s life, the fact that she’s now pregnant by her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon seals the deal.

… Or does it?! This recent update reveals that the two might be more intertwined than most people believe. Have we not seen the end of Matt yet?

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