Amber’s Boyfriend’s Second Restraining Order Revealed!

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This is not good news for Amber!

For those Teen Mom fans who couldn’t stand “Mamber,” they’ll be happy to know that Amber has finally moved on. Now, she’s with a new man — Andrew Glennon — and it isn’t just rumors anymore. In addition to confirming that she’s with Andrew by posting pictures of him on her social media, she also attended the VMAs with him on her arm! It looks like the two are getting along just fine, but the more fans find out about Andrew, the less good it looks for the new couple.

Everything about Andrew seemed fine… that is, until outlets began uncovering a less-than-squeaky-clean background. Now it’s been revealed that Andrew had not one, but two restraining orders taken out against him. Does Amber have something to worry about?

amber and andrew

Credit: MTV/Imgur