Amber’s New Man Revealed!

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Mystery Man No Longer

Even if you weren’t a fan of Matt and Amber as a couple, you have to admit that they provided some seriously interesting drama and tension on the show. From cheating and drug rumors to Farrah and Amber nearly getting into a fist fight over Farrah’s accusations that Matt was a “pedophile,” it supplied endless drama on the show. But fans of the craziness will be disappointed to learn that not only are Amber and Matt over, but Amber has officially revealed that she’s moved on to someone new.

It was a while before Amber confirmed that she was with someone new. For a while, he was just a mystery man, but it was still clear that she was seeing someone. Now Teen Mom superfans believe that they’ve narrowed in on his identity, so it finally looks like we have a face to go with Amber’s mystery man.

amber portwood with glasses on

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