Amber Portwood $100,000 in Debt Including Owed Child Support!

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It's not looking good for Amber!

From the outside, it’s easy to assume that Amber Portwood is living a pretty nice life. She lives in a big home in Indiana with numerous dogs and, now, her new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon. When she makes public appearances, she’s always dolled up from head to toe in glamorous looks and professional makeup. In short, she’s got everything that comes with a celebrity status… or so it seems.

The truth is, Amber has some skeletons in her closet, and her time in prison isn’t the only dark spot in her history. She also owes a huge amount of money to Gary Shirley as well as Uncle Sam. And we’re not talking small amounts of change here either — Amber currently owes six figures in her numerous debts.


Credit: MTV