Amber Blowing All Her Cash On Hawaiian Getaway With Andrew?

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A Much-Needed Break or an Unhealthy Escape?

After finally splitting up from her long-time boyfriend and ex-fiancé Matt Baier, it wasn’t long before she was in the arms of another. She soon began dating a man named Andrew Glennon. Even though it soon became clear he had some skeletons in his closet, fans were just happy to see her happy again.

However, it had been a while since we’d heard a whole lot about Amber Portwood’s new boyfriend. Now, Amber’s back on the map.

After the finale of Teen Mom OG, she seems to have been taking it easy. She’s even treated herself to a vacation in Hawaii. It looks like there’s more to this trip than meets the eye though, and fans are worried that she might be drinking her troubles away with money she doesn’t actually have.

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