Jeremy Calvert Risks Addie’s Life in Shocking Instagram Video!

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Fans are furious!

Like pretty much all of the Teen Mom cast members, Leah Messer has gone through some hard times. It’s not too surprising that Leah has had her share of troubles. She got pregnant with her twin girls at just 16, has been divorced twice, and even completed a rehab program a few years back for an alleged substance abuse problem (thought she maintains her stint was due to exhaustion).

That said, Leah’s gotten her life together considerably in recent years. Even though she things didn’t work out with either of her baby daddies, she hasn’t let it get her down. Instead, she’s dedicated herself to giving her children the best lives they can have on her own — no man required! That “do it myself” attitude is likely why this new picture of her baby daddy, Jeremy Calvert, putting their daughter Addie’s life at risk has fans in a state of shock.

On top of breaking the law and risking Addie’s life, Jeremy defended his choices against fans who criticized him! There’s no question that Leah is furious over Jeremy’s choices…

leah messer close up

Credit: MTV