’16 and Pregnant’ Star Hospitalized

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Fans are concerned!

Fans get tons of attention-consuming drama from the moms on Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG, but sometimes the lesser-seen girls from 16 and Pregnant turn some heads. The 16&P alumni gained a significant following from their time on television, so they tend to stay on fans’ radar.

A lot has changed since 16 and Pregnant was in full swing. Most of the girls are all grown up with relatively stable families, but none of them are without problems. After all, they are still living life as someone who became pregnant at a young age.

She’s made it past being a pregnant high schooler, but things are looking dangerous for Lindsey Harrison again. News that she’s been hospitalized has many of her fans worried.

lindsey harrison and tj

Source: Instagram @LilMamaLinds