’16 and Pregnant’ Star Updates on Premature Twins’ Critical Condition

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Lindsey Nicholson has another update for us!

Even though the Teen Mom fanbase tends to mostly follow the nine girls who were selected to be part of the official casts, they all have the same origin: MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. Of course, all of the dozens of girls on the original show couldn’t make it to the spinoffs, but that doesn’t mean their lives stopped. Many of them have gone on to have just as much drama in their lives as the Teen Mom cast members, camera free!

One star in particular has been the attention of the fanbase recently for some heartbreaking reasons. This former 16 and Pregnant star recently became pregnant with twins! Although this was exciting news, her pregnancy soon became very difficult.

After multiple hospitalizations, Lindsey has given us an update about her twins.

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Source: Instagram @LilMamaLinds