’16 and Pregnant’ Star Overcomes Eating Disorder

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Her fans are so happy for her!

Becoming pregnant is one of life’s most stressful events — and it’s even more so when it happens at age 16! It completely changes the track of your life, and forces you to grow up very quickly. Over the years, 16 and Pregnant has shown us the numerous different ways that young teens have figured out how to make their pregnancies work, and how it has affected them down the road.

For some of the featured girls, getting pregnant so young hit them hard. Many of them turned to drugs, drinking, or abusive relationships in the wake of their appearance on the show. In the case of Kayla Jackson, she developed an eating disorder prior to becoming pregnant — and her pregnancy only made things more complicated.

Fans were worried about Kayla for years, but now we finally have an update about how things turned out after her health scare!

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Source: Twitter @KaylaJacskon114