’16 and Pregnant’ Star Gender Reveal!

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Girl or boy?

Not all of the 16 and Pregnant stars made their way onto one of the Teen Mom shows, but that doesn’t mean that they disappeared off of the planet. Many of them went on to live quiet lives, while others took more controversial turns. For the most part, though, through the magic of modern technology, we’re able to know what they’re up to via their social media announcements.

Jennifer Del Rio had her fair share of difficulties during her time on 16 and Pregnant, but now it looks like things have leveled out for her considerably. Although she’s not constantly in the public eye like the Teen Mom stars, now and then she’ll grace us with an update about her ever-expanding family. And we can’t wait for the 16&P/Teen Mom family to get a little bit bigger.

jennifer del rio gender reveal

Source: YouTube @Jennifer Del Rio