Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Amber Portwood

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In the past seven seasons of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom we’ve seen the girls of the show grow up in front of our eyes. Some, admittedly more than others, but most of them have come a long way from their teenage years. In our opinion, the woman that’s made the biggest positive 180 is Amber Portwood. We were there for her drug addiction, prison admission and release, and all of the dramatics surrounding her and Matt’s relationship but she’s cleaned up her life and attitude and we are so proud of her for it.

There are a lot of events in her life that the MTV cameras weren’t around to catch however. Amber covered a lot of them in her book Never Too Late and after we read it, we had to share these details with you all!

Amber Portwood

Source: Instagram @realamberlportwood1__

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