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We. Are. Teen. Mom. Obsessed!! OK, there it is, we said it (and feel much better having that out in the open.) If you’re just as addicted to everything TM as we are, you’ve come to the right place. All the drama, all the updates, and all the underground cast pics and vids you want to see. Teen Mom ‘til you drop on Teen Mom Talk Now!

Our Writers

Emily Hingle

Emily Hingle is a native southern Louisianan, and she doesn’t think that she’ll ever leave her ancestral home. She graduated from the University of New Orleans in 2010 with a B.A. in Film, Theater, and Communication Arts, but had already shown interest in the field of writing. She was briefly enrolled in UNO’s graduate school for Professional Writing, but decided that a new car would be better suited to pursuing a career in journalism at that moment. She began freelance writing for entertainment magazines in the New Orleans area as well as international music websites and established herself as a tastemaker for music, cuisine, art, literature, and cultural activities. She remains a freelance writer for New Orleans-area and national brands, and you can often find her attending restaurant openings, going to concerts, catching the latest Broadway shows, and seeking out the best new brews in town. You can keep up with Emily’s activities on her Instagram @culturecreep.

Dru Marie Allen

Dru Marie Allen is a twenty-something born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Between starting a conversation with every cat she meets and binge watching Netflix, she manages to keep up with the trendiest topics, whether it’s lifestyle, social movements, or ‘Teen Mom.’ Since graduating college, Drew has found herself with ample spare time on her hands. She fills this with jogging, yoga, and rereading Harry Potter. She also has an intense fascination with horror in all its forms, and has seen more horror movies than most people would care to admit. When she can, she likes to cook adventurous recipes that she only burns a little bit. One day, Drew envisions herself living in a sprawling house with a white picket fence, raising rescued farm animals. Yeah, she likes cows and chickens THAT much. In the meantime, she’s keeping her nose to the grindstone and trying to produce the kind of content she’d like to read. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading it too! You can follow her on Twitter @DruMarieAllen.