What Are the Darkest Secrets All of the ‘Teen Mom’ Cast Members Are Keeping?

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Let's spill some tea!

Over the years, some of the Teen Mom cast’s most personal moments have come to light. No matter how much they try to hide from the public, their secrets have leaked, been revealed, or have even aired on the show itself. It’s no wonder that many fans believe they know everything there is to know about the stars.

At the end of the day, that’s sadly true; the Moms have very little in the way of privacy. That said, there are still some secrets that the Teen Mom cast members are keeping from the public ― or rumors of secrets they’re simply not owning up to.

That means fans are going to theorize about the girls’ secret lives until the end of time. Some of the theories seem to make sense, while others are completely grasping at straws. From the most believable to the most absurd, here are secrets fans really believe the Teen Mom cast is keeping from us all.

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Credit: MTV