Spoiled Rotten: Teen Mom Kids Who Have Been Corrupted by Fame

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Who's the most spoiled?

As strange as it sometimes seems to many fans, when you boil Teen Mom down to its roots, the show is about motherhood. More often than not, that means making difficult decisions that have lasting effects on your child. It’s no easy task. But it’s important to keep in mind that, even though their day-to-day lives may seem standard on the show, the Teen Moms don’t really live normal lives. They’re celebrities and are constantly in the public eye.

It’s impossible that their parents’ fame doesn’t effect the children of Teem Mom, even if the show tries to deny it! And who better to discuss this corruption with than the mothers themselves? At the VMAs, the cast members opened up about how fame has affected their kids — at least from their points of view.

Credit: AV Club