Total Betrayal! ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Boyfriend Busted Cheating!

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It's over!

For a decade of her life, Farrah Abraham was a Teen Mom star. As we all know, that chapter of her life has come to an end!

Needless to say, with this massive transition, Farrah has a lot to figure out — and a lot is changing for her and her life.

It’s not exactly clear where things will end up for her. She’s discussed numerous options, including going back to TV or even exploring a career in film. And as she continues to work on figuring things out, she’s trying her hand at dating again.

But it isn’t going to all be glamorous, and she’s bound to have some bad starts. Luckily, it seems that Farrah has dodged a bullet by ending things with a cheater while they were still starting out.

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Credit: MTV