Shocking Results of ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s $5 Million Lawsuit Against MTV Revealed

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It got ugly!

When the Teen Mom cast members first signed on for 16 and Pregnant, they probably never imagined they would be reality show stars for so long. Instead of simply starring on a one-off episode of a show about teenage pregnancy, they maintained stardom for nearly a decade. It’s probably not what any of them expected, but they became pretty important people in the world of MTV. As one of the most popular shows on the network, it’s no wonder the network treats them like queens!

So what happens when the cast members turn against the network that’s been paying them for years? One Teen Mom star decided to find out for herself and go head-to-head with MTV, Viacom, and all of the executives in a massive lawsuit. Now, all of that has come to a shocking end.


Credit: MTV