On the Run? ‘Teen Mom’ Star Has Warrant out for Their Arrest!

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It's not looking good!

Some cast members have it easy when it comes to their baby daddies. Many have figured out a way to co-parent with their exes, like Leah Messer and Corey or Kailyn Lowry and Jo. Even though things were rocky at first, these couples have found common ground and compromises and are putting their children’s needs first.

Other girls are not so lucky. From baby daddies who are addicted to drugs to those who won’t claim paternity at all, the Teen Mom baby daddies can be the best or the worst possible outcome. Unfortunately for Chelsea Houska, she’s got one of each. Even though her husband Cole DeBoer has been an incredible father to Watson and a loving stepfather to Aubree, the same can’t be said for her first baby daddy, Adam Lind.

Now Adam is proving that fact. He’s no stranger to the legal system or criminal records, but now it seems he may be serving time soon, as there’s a warrant out for his arrest.


Credit: MTV