‘Teen Mom’ Star Blasted for Giving Her Nine-Year-Old Child Alcohol!

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Did she seriously screw up?

It’s been several months since Farrah Abraham’s historic boot from MTV’s Teen Mom OG. Although many believed she would fall to the wayside and become irrelevant after she stopped appearing on one of MTV’s most successful programs, she hasn’t wasted any time making headlines since her departure.

It seems that Farrah will remain relevant for years to come, but not for the best reasons. Instead of her accomplishment or praise being her claim to fame, she’s instead made headlines for scandal after scandal.

Now, fans are shocked to see that she may have gone even farther than expected. Has Farrah just been busted giving her nine-year-old daughter Sophia alcohol?

Be sure to keep reading to watch a video of Farrah speaking out about her recent scandal!


Credit: MTV