10 Times Cole DeBoer Deserved Dad-of-the-Year Status

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He's got it all!

If you follow Teen Mom closely, you’ve gotten some examples of seriously bad dads. From Jenelle’s first baby daddy (who almost didn’t even show up to the birth of their child) to Adam Lind (and his drug use) to Chris Lopez (who wants absolutely nothing to do with Kailyn and her pregnancy), these guys run the gambit of bad dads.

Not all of the dads on Teen Mom are terrible though. While we give a lot of attention to the worst of the worst, the good guys need some time in the spotlight too. If you need a break from the deadbeats, get a load of Chelsea’s man, Cole Deboer, who may just be the best dad Teen Mom has ever seen…

cole aubree camel rides

Source: Instagram @coledeboer

Cole is the absolute best